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Hi! I'm a skilled consultant & mentor with 20 years of startup experience.


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I offer my services using a sliding scale (based on availability and the specific project or client ability to pay). Contact me to see if you qualify for sliding scale pricing (we will determine the price together based on delivered value). I’m more motivated by improving our communities than money.

1-on-1 consulting, coaching, adventure retreats, training, speaking engagements: please inquire

I can help you launch your next product or business. I have direct experience in launching multiple successful start-ups including a digital agency, a food truck, and a national creative brand. My two decades of experience covers many areas including: management, fundraising, business strategy, digital marketing, design, computer programming, security, and proven strategies recruiting and retaining creative and millennial talent. 

As CEO of Wildist, I work to empower people with skills, ideas and practices that improve quality of life, strengthen relationships and create positive impact in communities.

Please contact me regarding rates and availability for my services including:

  • Transformative Adventure Travel

  • Executive & Personal Coaching

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Empowerment Retreats & Events

  • Immersive Art & Themed Entertainment Consulting

  • Business Consulting



Damian Taggart is a serial entrepreneur and investor with strong leadership skills. potent communication ability, and a big heart who throws himself joyfully into all endeavors. Damian is excited about changing the world by teaching radical acceptance as a foundation for empowerment. His work covers mental well-being, productivity, fitness, identity and creativity. He is committed to leading a life of courage and love. He believes we are one human family and that we can create a more compassionate, efficient, and innovative world. 

Damian is a committed athlete, avid trail runner, ultra-marathoner, yogi, climber, and mountaineer. He is focused on building new physical competency through movement. Damian grew up exploring the wilds of northern New Mexico and has been hiking, backpacking, caving and orienteering since childhood. He's been practicing yoga and climbing for two decades and high intensity interval training for one. He is a NOLS certified Wilderness First Responder and has current AED, CPR, and Epipen training. He is a MovNat Certified trainer and has completed 30 days of one-on-one apprenticeship with world-class mountain guides across diverse geography and has tackled a growing number of major objectives in American mountaineering. His physical practice is fueled by the belief that a healthy body is fundamental for a life of vitality, mindfulness and power. He loves sharing the intrinsic joy of movement and health with others.

Damian is CEO of Wildist, whose mission is to empower people with skills, ideas and practices that improve quality of life, strengthen relationships and create positive impact in communities. Wilidst is launching an online curriculum in 2019.

Formerly Damian was Chief Business Development Officer for an immersive arts startup, Meow Wolf. Damian created value for Meow Wolf, planning and executing business strategy, raising capital, spearheading improvements to company processes, launching new divisions and making key hires. Damian worked alongside the CEO to identify new opportunities for revenue, social impact and growth - helping grow the company from a small startup to a $100 million brand.

Prior to Meow Wolf, Damian was founder and president of an award-winning software startup, Mindshare Labs. Damian successfully led the company for 10 years managing millions of dollars in design and development projects until selling the company in 2016. Two of Damian’s companies, Meow Wolf and Mindshare Labs, were awarded the Business of the Year Award by the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce (in 2014 and 2016).

Damian has a Certificate in Financial Management from Cornell University and an interdisciplinary degree in Media Arts and English form the University of New Mexico. Damian is an earnest nonfiction writer and published poet. He is a dedicated father to his two sons, Jack and Henry.



Wildist Inc
Mar 2018 to present

Meow Wolf Inc
Chief Business Development Officer
Jul 2015 to Mar 2018

Mindshare Labs Inc
Founder & CEO
Jul 2006 to Sep 2016

Multimedia Specialist

St. John's College
Web Production Coordinator
2002 to 2003



Certificate in Financial Management
Cornell University
2017 to 2018

Wilderness First Responder Certification
National Outdoor Leadership School


MovNat Level 1 Certified Trainer

B.A. Media Arts & English
University of New Mexico
1998 to 2003


Volunteer Experience

Business Regulation Working Group (formerly CBQL)
City of Santa Fe     
2014 to 2016

BizMix Mentor
MIX Santa Fe


Industry & Interpersonal Skills

Start-up Consulting

Wilderness Guiding & Skill-building

Strategies for Business & Personal Empowerment

Strategies for Effective  Empathetic Management


Public Speaking


Business & Executive Coaching

Leadership Training

Fitness & Natural Movement Training



Damian Taggart is a leader. He is a strong, patient, wise, kind and caring man. His coaching and programs offer just enough push into the unknown coupled with a gentle hand of understanding of how challenging, yet rewarding, the unknown can be. From his program I gained a freedom from self-judgment that led to consistency in my fitness, more self-love, more love for others and an obliteration of fears.
— Craig Thomas McAdams, Psychotherapist, Educator and Actor
Damian took on tactically difficult situation with a refreshing blend of sophistication and lightness. His presence was a godsend to me and to every department with which he interacted. His maturity, gusto, and grace greatly impressed me. Damian remains the first person I would recruit for future needs. Any organization that values excellence should ensure that Damian is part of their team.
— Andra Maguran, Communications Professional
As my supervisor, Damian was always honest and upfront about deadlines, ideas and goals. He taught me a lot about the type of work we were doing without ever limiting my ability to question and approach situations creatively. As a former employee, I gladly recommend Damian as a leader in any supervisory roles.
— Tiffany Schaefer, Teacher at Bright Horizons
I have known Damian for many years. He is an excellent business person, and a great person to work with. He is a dedicated to his work and offers a cutting edge product from a competent team. All facets of his business are handled professionally and without hangups. I highly recommend Damian for any project.
— Mandy Warr, Owner at The Remedy Spa
Damian is a prolific artist and designer, incredibly competent in leading edge technology.
— Sky Frostenson, Director of Program Management at VSCO

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